Securamesh anti climb fence

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Securamesh anti climb fence is Australia’s leading welded mesh fencing system; used widely across a range of medium to high security applications requiring the need for a robust & high tensile strength physical barrier system with significant anti-climb & anti-corrosive features.

Securamesh anti climb fence

It is used in a broad range of sites – examples include electricity distribution sites, prison perimeter areas, seaports, airports, warehousing facilities & wildlife sanctuaries.


  • Finger -resistant, anti-climb, anti-cut profile
  • Rear anti-tamper fixings for added strength
  • Can be integrated with electric fencing
  • Mesh allows for ease of visual surveillance
  • Installation on level or sloping sites
  • High resistance to corrosion – zinc aluminium alloy coatings conform to AS2423-2002
  • End wires contribute towards better over strength & resistance against forced & covert attack
  • May be fully integrated with posts, anti-tamper fixings, security toppings & electric fencing
  • Resistant against hand tools & leverage attacks
  • Allows for relatively clear & unobstructed views from either side of the barrier by way of patrolling security staff or surveillance systems
  • Minimal components allows for flexibility in transportation, installation & maintenance
  • Design allows installation on level or sloping sites
  • Simple to install

Technical specifications Securamesh anti climb fence


  • 4mm Ø wire welded at each intersection
  • Aperture 75mm x 13mm
  • RHS steel section uprights
  • Securamesh panel sizes
  • Width 2404mm
  • Height 2396mm (52.1kg), 2994mm (65kg), 3605mm (76kg). Can be adjusted to suit.


  • Zalcote – Zinc and aluminium alloy coating as standard
  • Galvanised
  • Bright
  • Powder coating


  • Electric Fencing
  • Shark Tooth’ top plate
  • SCEC endorsed models
  • A paneled version of the Securamesh may also be installed on jersey barriers

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