A school first

  November 2nd, 2013 | Bollard news
A School First

The city of Greater Dandenong in conjunction with a local school required the busy road adjacent to the school to be closed at allocated school times to allow students and other pedestrians to be able to cross the road safely.

This method of road closure is something that has not been tried in Australia before and provided Leda’s engineers with a number of technical challenges. Each school day the road is automatically closes by using Leda’s automated retractable bollards operated by powerful PLC units to control the bollards operation, safety lights and audible alarms.

At pre-programmed times the bollards will rise prior to sirens and lights being activated in carefully controlled sequences to warn motorists of the impending road closure and their key stakeholders. A number of sophisticated safety systems are incorporated including SMS messaging to council staff advising the nature of any system operation. Leda have been very pleased to work so closely with City of Greater Dandenong and their key stakeholders. According to reports all the operating specifications have been accomplished and the system is working faultlessly.

The project has been a great success and we look forward to working with Dandenong council further.

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