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It varies by the type of equipment and where speed is not required we may advise you to slow equipment down.

A typical opening of 4meters is typical of a driveway lane. Times are approximate: Automated retractable bollards 2 seconds High speed doors 2 seconds Bi-fold gate 2 seconds Tyre spikes 2 seconds Road blockers 3 seconds Standard torque drive boom gate 4 seconds Bi-slide gate 4 seconds slide gates fast 5 seconds Panel lift door 7 seconds standard slide gates 7 seconds dual swing gates 10 seconds Newey Barrier 15 seconds

All Leda products come with a 12 month parts warranty. If you have an issue then do not hesitate to contact our sales team who will action it. If you are unsatisfied at that time then ask for the CEO in our Northmead office.

This is really determined by usage and we recommend you talk with our sales or service staff. The types of products that need regular service are auto gates, boom gates, road blockers, automatic doors. Typically 2-5% of the installation price is a good guide and for retractable bollards in a harsh environments it can be 10% per year. Cost of ownership is a critical consideration and Leda is happy to assist you in understanding service requirements prior to your purchase.

This is again hard to generalise but many gates installation costs are 50-100% of the product costs. For deeper installed retractable bollards it can be 200% of the product costs in some instances. We recommend when costing you pay more attention to installation costs than product as this is where the variations can be greatest and where you can be stripped of value without you noticing by unscrupulous suppliers.

For security bollard applications we recommend a maximum spacing of 1400mm. For high security sites the bollard spacings may be 1000 – 1200mm.

This varies from stocked items like some of our security bollards through to 12 weeks for some imported products. Gates typically are 6 weeks but it is possible to speed this up greatly for urgent jobs. The majority of our bollards and bike racks are delivered in 2-3 weeks. Door products are imported so 10-12 weeks typically.

Some of our biggest selling products are the CBR4SC compact security bike rack, SP90R and XP90R removable security bollards, stainless bollards and industrial gates are all very popular.

Our automated gates can be made to fit your requirements. Our largest gate was installed in Western Australia; a bi-parting, bi-slide gate with a 35m opening.

Our largest job was over $2,000,000 and Leda would install a few jobs per year in the $1,000,000 – $2,000,000 range.

Tuggerah NSW for the most part. Some products are imported from overseas suppliers.

Leda install and service nationally. Leda manufactures in Tuggerah NSW on the NSW Central Coast which is 60 minutes from Sydney. There is some gate manufacturing in our Melbourne office also.

We have sales offices and warehouses in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. There are distributors with installation and service capability based on Tasmania, Cairns, Darwin and Newcastle. Leda commonly travel to mine sites and country area’s for other installation and service work and welcome all enquiries.

Leda export to some countries and contact details are on the contact us page of this website.

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