Air Tree Root Mapping

  June 30th, 2017 | Bollard news, General
Air tree root mapping

Excavating to install Security Bollards in Sydney’s CBD is never easy due to the vast number of environmental issues that need to be addressed and approvals sought before work can commence. In this instance a 600 x 600mm strip footing was required.

On this sensitive site special care needed to be taken to minimise any potential root damage to existing trees. A specialist air knife operator (only one in NSW) was used to blow away dirt and stones to expose the roots to indicate their size and direction. Sydney City Council Inspectors and Leda’s Project Manager then determine what action needs to be taken. Where possible, bridging of the concrete footing (over the roots) or even directing the concrete footing will be taken. On this large installation only 2 trees were eventually removed.

Air tree root mappingAir tree root mapping

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