ARA Group Acquires Leda Security Products

  August 9th, 2019 | General

LEDA Official Announcement: ARA Group Acquires Leda Security Products

It is just on a quarter of a century ago since my son Richard and I started “Leda” together when we purchased a small engineering Company trading as “Securapost”. The company had a single product – a patented Locking and removable Bollard called “Securapost” that we know as the SP90R model. At that time, I believed that this unique bollard had market potential and we purchased the company to acquire the patent.

With the assistance of our employees across Australia and more recently in China we expanded our bollard range to nearly 500 models and in doing so became the market leader in Australia. At the same time Leda was able to diversify into other markets and with the assistance of a very good engineering and production team to design and develop a range of market leading products including:

  • Bespoke engineered and Industrial Gates.
  • Bicycle parking and end of Journey facilities for cyclists.
  • HVM and Vehicle access Control products.
  • Large Bi and Quad folding doors.

Our HVM products these days protect numerous major iconic, defence, sporting and Government sites across Australia, and our expertise in this field see the Leda team winning new challenging projects every month.

However there comes a time in every Company’s development where it becomes necessary for the founder of a company like me to pass the baton onto new and talented management and gracefully retire.

I am happy to announce that I have been able to successfully negotiate the sale of all the Leda Co’s (in both Australia & China) to the ARA Group who I believe will be able to expand and grow the Leda brand further. These negotiations commenced nearly 12 months ago and have been exhausting in the due diligence process to ensure a successful merging of Leda into ARA.

ARA led by its Chairman Edward Federman is a successful Australian owned Group with existing complimentary Manufacturing and Security companies which I am sure will offer various Leda employees with career opportunities. Leda Security Products Pty. Ltd will continue to trade and operate as Leda.

I will not be disappearing completely as I hope to assist ARA management where I can during the forthcoming integration and hopefully into the future.

Kind regards,

David R. Matthews

Managing Director

1300 780 450