Architectural & Security Bollards

  April 30th, 2021 | Bollard news
Architectural & Security Bollards

The increasing use of motor vehicles in urban environments demonstrates the need to install effective barrier systems which allow pedestrian flow while precluding vehicle encroachment. Architectural and Security bollards are exceptionally effective in that role.

• Building forecourts and perimeters
• Shopping centres and malls
• Government sites and utilities
• Industrial complexes
• Public and community areas
• Schools and university campuses
• Alfresco dining areas

Leda bollards are stylish, diverse, and are designed for a broad range of applications. And while aesthetics remain an important consideration in selecting a design, it is also important to address pedestrian safety and property protection. A busy thoroughfare with 60-80km/h traffic would understandably require bollards with a far higher impact rating than areas adjacent to carparks or pedestrian malls where vehicle speeds are restricted to about 10km/h or 20km/h.

To assist in the selection process, the bollards in our Handbook have been divided into four categories:
-Architectural Bollards
-Security Bollards
-Retractable Bollards
-Industrial Bollards

Many models are available across security and non-security applications to allow continuity of bollard type throughout a project. Some architectural bollards – such as the Slimline stainless steel Lighting range – can also be manufactured to provide a security option.

Bollard Selection

Bollards have become an integral part of all new developments, so it is important that architects and specifiers select the appropriate product and impact resistance, while still achieving the aesthetic considerations for the site.
• Pedestrian delineation and separation
• Perimeter security
• Vehicle access control
• Ram raid protection
• Hostile vehicle mitigation

Leda is part of ARA Group – we are capable of integrating our automatic perimeter security products with advanced access control systems and cutting edge technologies. Furthermore, we now have the capability and support to extend our security product range that includes blast, ballistic and attack resistant glass, protective transport & bullet resistant glass and other associated products.

For more information on our security products range please contact your nearest LEDA/ARA sales office. 

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