Barrier infill bollards

  October 25th, 2016 | Bollard news
Barrier Infill Bollards

We normally associate bollards being installed in exterior locations rather than in the centre of a shopping centre protecting an ATM machine.

It is not also obvious that these two special stainless steel ‘Barrier Infill Bollards’ recently installed to protect this ATM provide extraordinarily high protection.

These high security bollards were developed some 10 years ago by Leda in consultation with ATM manufacturers, major banks, shopping centre owners and insurance companies.

Barrier Infill Bollards

Barrier Infill Bollards have proved to be the largest physical deterrent in minimising ram raid attacks on ATMs and are often used in other high security applications due to their combination of high impact and anti-cutting characteristics.

During the research and testing program various types of cutting equipment was used to determine the cutting resistance of different bollard infills.

The successful results came to the notice of Australian and British security organisations who conducted further vehicle impact testing at the Transport Research Laboratories outside London. The bollards were impact-tested at various speeds using 2.5t, 3.5t and 7.5t commercial vehicles, and the impressive results has led to the barrier-infill bollards being approved and certified under PAS 68 (UK).

While the results of these impact tests are confidential, Leda is the only Australian bollard manufacturer with the knowledge to assist in specifying the appropriate high security bollards for your application as well as providing the engineering details for concrete footings needed to absorb the impact energy.

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