Custom-made bike racks

  September 16th, 2015 | Bicycle parking news
Cafe bike racks

Leda has been installing a range of portable and custom-made bike racks around the country over the past few months. From heart-shaped bike racks in Sydney to donating bike rack hire in Brisbane.

Cafe bike racksCoffee bike racks

One of our popular portable ‘café bike racks’ being put to good use by a number of enthusiastic cyclists while they enjoy a beverage at Vivo Coffee in Morningside, Brisbane.

Bike racks on Sydney ferriesBike racks on Sydney ferries

Our bike racks seem to pop up everywhere. These Securabike racks have been specifically modified to be fitted on Sydney’s ferry fleet. The racks allow cyclists to securely locate their bicycles in racks that are fitted to the ferry’s superstructure ensuring that the bicycles are also not an inconvenience to other passengers.

Custom bike racksCustom bike racks

Our Brisbane office recently assisted a Gold Coast project with some custom bike racks. They were designed to match with the projects colours and style (shape).

The 4217 building is located in the old Transit Centre and is now a home to cafes, art studios and more on the Gold Coast. The 4217 exists to empower quality local and artisan industries, nurture innovation and develop new ways of local trade. Nourish the community, encourage the sharing of a table, a meal, an idea or a moment. Foster an ever evolving creative pace. Awaken, engage and challenge the senses.

Bike rack hireBike rack hire

Leda endeavours to assist community bicycle events around Australia by supplying hire racks on a temporary basis. The City of Subicao organised a successful Bike and Breakfast on the 13th March to celebrate bike week, in which Leda Security assisted to provide complementary bicycle hire for their event at Market Square Park, providing bicycle parking for 70 patrons in attendance.

Heart shaped bike racksHeart shaped bike racks

The City of Sydney engaged Leda to manufacture 15 heart racks which were installed across Sydney to coincide with National Heart Week in May. In line with Sydney City Council’s bike program, the heart shaped racks were installed in key locations to encourage more Sydney residents to exercise more by cycling. Leda was proud to be associated with this healthy initiative in promoting cycling.

Bicycle repair stationBike repair stations popular in Brisbane

The increase of recreational cycling in Brisbane has led to an increasing number of bike repair stations being sold and installed throughout the city on bicycle routes and cycle ways frequented by cyclists.

City Parklands have purchased these bike repair and pump stations for an inner city location close to the Roma St Parklands.  The second picture of our BRS01 our most popular model which also incorporates a foot powered bike pump. Both models are complete with a set of 8 bicycle tools which allow cyclists to make minor repairs and adjustment to their bicycles.



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