Defender Barriers for Prisons

  September 18th, 2014 | Vehicle access control news
Defender Barriers for Prisons

The “defender high security boom gates” have been widely installed at numerous correctional centre across the UK for many years however it is only recently that authorities in Australia have come to appreciate the features and benefits of these unique HVM barriers.

While Leda have successfully installed dozens of the defenders in high security sites across Australia the first correctional centre to order units is a prison in Victoria. The “defender” boom gates are a perfect fit for correctional centres due to their lower initial capital outlay (to supply and install) than alternative (road blockers or retractable bollards) products. They also generally require less maintenance and are easier to service.

The defender boom gates being located above ground will also normally provide a much longer service life. Leda has three defender models each tested (to PAS68) and certified to provide different levels of security.

  • D941 3.5 tonne @ 48km/h
  • D942 7.5 tonne @ 48km/h
  • D945 7.5 tonne @ 64km/h

The defenders feature world-leading fibre strap technology that is incorporated into the boom arms. To maintain security levels after an impact, the unique “composite Cassette” system is designed to allow replacement of the beam within 20 minutes.

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