Designing for Security

  July 25th, 2017 | Bollard news, General

Leda Security Products Pty Ltd has been at the forefront of manufacturing, supplying and installing Vehicle Security Barriers in Australia for more than 20 years. During that time our company has been involved in various R&D and impact testing programs here in Australia and in the United Kingdom providing invaluable data for our Design Engineers and Project Managers.

Consequently Leda have developed the largest range of Vehicle Impact tested and Engineered Vehicle Security Barriers in Australia providing our clients the flexibility of sourcing the appropriate security products that meet their projects budget.

Vehicle Security Barriers Standard

The most widely used staCrashTest_7.5ndard in Australia today for Vehicle Security Barriers are:
BSI. PAS68 & PAS69 – from the UK, which was originally drawn up in 2005. Often referred to but not used in Australia is the ASTM standard. Originating in 2007, the American standard superseded the previous DOS standard. More recently a new impact test standard the International Workshop Agreement 2014 (IWA) has been developed. This standard aims to unify both American (ASTM) and UK (PAS68 & 69) impact test standards. It utilises the PAS68 testing criteria however the IWA 14 standard measures impact penetration from the front of the barrier rather from the rear. The new standard aims to unify existing certifications taking into consideration a wider range of test vehicles and most barrier equipment suppliers will test new products to this standard. In the interim both PAS and ASTM certifications shall continue to be recognised.

Tested V Engineered Solutions

While Leda has an expansive range of PAS68 tested and certified products these come at a price due to the high cost of testing. We are also able to offer our clients an alternative more economical engineered solution using locally sourced and manufactured materials that provide similar impact resistance performance. Using the extensive experience and knowledge we have accumulated over the years of installing this type of equipment, (particularly with shallow mount and concrete footing designs) our engineers can provide a certified (but not tested) option.
The Engineered solution is not only more economical, it assists in reducing lead times and will normally fit within the projects budget.


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