Dock Levelers and door integration for loading bays

  February 7th, 2010 | Docks & doors news
Dock Levellers for loading docks in Australia

The range of dock leveller options is growing in Australia as methods of local truck transport evolve. Australia traditionally used side loading trucks and it is now changing at a rate of knots.

Anyone seeing a truck on the way to a supermarket will notice the rear loading capability of the trailer. This can speed up load and unloading at the distribution centre and point of sale. New to Australia is the integrated dock leveller, dock shelter and doors from Crawford. Crawford is the largest supplier of loading dock products in Europe and Asia with 100,000’s of products installed. The standard Crawford 342 door is insulated meaning it is usable at refrigeration and non refrigerated sites.

There is a lot of emphasis on green ratings for buildings now so for the first time, Industrial doors can contribute to the rating of such sites. Also unique to the Leda dock levellers are the two hydraulic rams. Most other models have one ram to save money. The use of two hydraulic rams means the load is more evenly distributed and has a longer working life. Dynamic loads of 6 ton standard and up to 10 tons are available.

A pneumatic or mechanical shelter can also further contribute to the use of the dock in inclement whether and load protection while essential for cold storage locations temperature control. For added safety an electronic wheel chock is available with a dual purpose. It has a built in beeper detector like that in many cars which allows the driver to reverse toward the dock with positioning information. Additionally, the wheel chock then goes under the trailer tire and if removed, will not allow the operation of the dock leveller and therefore the removal of the truck. It also has the advantage of fitting any vehicle type.

In addition to the dock levellers, Leda have developed a full range of safety dock gates to assist in the prevention of accidental pedestrian or vehicle falls.

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