Dock Levellers for loading docks in Australia

  April 6th, 2010 | Docks & doors news
Dock Levellers for loading docks in Australia

Crawford Doors is the largest supplier of loading dock products in Asia and Europe. With the appointment of Leda as its authorised distributor in Australia, the company looks set to repeat its success in a new market.

The range of dock levellers is in Australia is due for shake up as the standard has moved to single hydraulic actuation which is dangerous in some conditions according to Crawford who have installed 10,000’s of dock levellers. If a truck were to pull away from a dock leveller accidentally with a loaded fork on the dock leveller, there is the risk that the load could cause the leveller to topple to one side.

Crawford levellers by comparison are designed to carry a load as a truck pulls away without risk of a toppling. The Crawford dock leveller has two hydraulic rams to ensure the safe handling of the load under all conditions. It is a much safer proposition than the predominant sales of dock levellers observed in Australia today. Leda are able to offer a number of options such as dock ramps, rubber stoppers, dock shelters, inflatable dock seals, dock doors, dock wheel chocks, dock gates, high speed PVC doors for loading docks. The advantage of the Crawford range being that the controller for all this gear is integrated making operation and servicing easier.

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