Electricity Security Upgrade

  March 3rd, 2012 | Industrial gates news
Electricity Security Upgrade

Leda recently played a role in Ausgrid’s (formally Energy Australia) Supply and Demand 5 years network upgrade plan.

Security of zone substation assets and generating equipment is an absolute priority for all electricity suppliers focusing on the safety of both employees and public and ensuring uninterrupted supply to customers.

Leda were contracted by Fugen Constructions to engineer and construct two pairs of high security transformer runway gates and associated perimeter palisade security fencing and personnel gates in the busy urban office area of Crows Nest Sydney.

Additional features of the large 4m x 6m gates was the application of Dulux Ferreko No.3-PC560, a two pack epoxy coating system containing a high level of micaceous iron oxide applied after hot dipped galvanizing and finished with razor wire topping to meet Ausgrid’s specification

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