Entry and exit safety gates

  May 26th, 2016 | Industrial gates news
entry and exit safety gates

Watsons Bay entry and exit safety gates

Leda partnered with Waterway Constructions to develop pedestrian entry and exit safety gates for the Watsons Bay Wharf. The end client were the NSW Roads and Maritime Services.

entry and exit safety gatesThe swing gates are fitted with NICE Hopp7124 motors which were chosen as they have minimal pinch points making them the logical choice for use with the public. Leda’s production staff further designed extra safety by building a shroud to conceal the motors. On the entry gate the public will line up behind the entry gate and if the ferry is a Maritime run ferry they would approach and open with a remote control. If it was a private provider they would get off the boat and press a green open button which is located on a bollard on the wharf. Once the gate opens a 30 second count down will begin, if a person does not cross the PE beam after 30 seconds the gate will close.

The exit gate is a ‘free to exit’. When someone crosses the PE beam to exit the gate will open. After 30 seconds and if no one passes through the gate will automatically close. The exit gate is set up that if the gates starts to close after 30seconds and someone crosses the beam then the gate will reopen. The gates are fitted with bump strips for added safety.

Goulburn Valley Water entry and exit safety gates

entry and exit safety gatesGoulburn Valley Water are in the process of upgrading their Shepparton depot site. They are re-configuring the road ways and updating the security on site.

Leda have just completed the installation of two large bi-parting cantilever gates for the depot. The gates will be set up as independent from each other and will be used as entry and exit safety gates. There is still significant works to be completed on site however it was important that the gates went in early to offer some security.

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