Frangible Boom Arm

  May 3rd, 2012 | Vehicle access control news
Frangible Boom Arm

With thousands of boom gates installed across Australia you can imagine how regularly we are called on to replace accidentally damaged boom arms. Replacing them is often expensive as they are difficult to freight and require expensive protection in order to ensure they get to their destination safely.

Leda’s workhorse throughout the country is our TMH60 boom gate. Being a 100% duty cycle unit it has been installed in numerous industrial applications with high vehicular traffic movements.

Leda’s engineering team have recently designed and tested a new unique swiveling device which is fitted between the control cabinet and the boom arm. In the event of the boom arm being hit by a vehicle. There are two nylon shear bolts which will absorb the impact and which can be quickly replaced saving the cost and difficulty of shipping and transporting a whole new boom arm.

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