Google search finds SecuraBike

  January 7th, 2010 | Bicycle parking news
Google search finds Secuurabike

Googles’ Sydney office recently updated their bicycle parking facilities at their Australian head quarters in Sydney. Google, like many city based employers, is experiencing the growing demand for parking facilities for cyclists to commute to work.

Some buildings in Sydney now report a waiting list of cyclists wanting a space for their bike.   Google selected Leda’s most popular rack being the CBR4SC. It is unique in that it staggers the bicycle heights so can you can fit more more bikes into an area.

Importantly, the rack can also be installed at an angle along a wall which can make parking possible in narrow area’s. Fairfax newspapers across the road in Pyrmont, Sydney has parking for hundreds of bikes using the same rack.   Securabike is the bicycle parking range for end of journey facilities from Leda Security Products.

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