Industrial boom gates in Melbourne

  September 3rd, 2012 | Vehicle access control news
Industrial boom gates in Melbourne

Leda Security has hundreds of boom gates installed throughout Melbourne and other parts of Australia. One specialty at Leda, is larger driveway spans. Armstrong World Industries in Baeside Victoria recently had Leda install this larger span boom gate for one if its driveways at its busy plant.

In addition to preventing people accidentally wandering in through this entrance, the boom gate provides quick vehicle access control at the site. Armstrong is famous in architectural circles with its extensive range of ceiling, wall and floor coverings and has offices globally. This busy location also required a solution with a busy duty cycle for peak times. Lower cost boom gates can generate excessive heat in cheap AC motors leading to permanent or intermittent failures.

Leda Security is a specialist installer of boom gates from 3 to 12 metre spans. Specialist vertical or horizontally extending boom gates for all manner of applications are available.

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