Knock down turnstiles take off

  June 26th, 2010 | Turnstile news
Knock down turnstiles take off

In 2009 Leda developed its unique knockdown turnstiles for external applications. The unit incorporates the tried and tested turnstile head of which we have installed hundreds and has some additional benefits over older models.

The knock down turnstile is freighted on a double pallet which saves an enormous amount on freight. Older models were partially assembled so took up a lot of volume which is expensive to ship. Once at site the units take approximately 2 people 2 hours to assemble and commission.

Leda like to commission the units before despatch so that problems are avoided at site. Knock down turnstiles also have the advantage for construction companies in that they can move from job to job easily.

Used for scan in and out, they are an important physical component to a sites safety system so also a boon for mine sites. For more information on Leda’s range of full and half height turnstiles, please contact Leda offices.

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