Leda June 2016 Newsletter

  June 20th, 2016 | General

Leda’s June issue equips news on bollards installed at remarkable locations like Queensland Parliament, major bike parking projects within Australia and other destinations including Singapore, USA, Chile and Canada, projects relating to Leda designed and manufactured gates installed in different premises. This issue also contains other interesting information about CPD architectural presentations, New Securabike Handbook and so on.

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Inside this issue:

  • Barrier infill bollards
  • Queensland parliament entrance
  • Regal protection
  • Perth airport
  • AFL night riders
  • City of St Vincent
  • Bicycle parking upgrade
  • Parking for 600 bikes
  • Port Melbourne bike shelter
  • Designing parking solutions
  • Naranga waste recycling centre boom gates
  • Solar powered boom gates
  • Modular track gates
  • DHL
  • Another winning partnership for Leda, Bosch
  • Data centre scissor lift installation
  • Securabike international news
  • Managers conference
  • Securabike handbook
  • Golden bollard award
  • Security 2016

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