Loading Docks for CSR Project

  January 27th, 2017 | Docks & doors news
Loading docks

Leda Security Products were engaged by CSR Bradford to install 4 new loading docks to their site at Ingleburn. These docks were Hydraulic (single cylinder) embedded dock levellers.

As part of this project Leda had to design and manufacture a steel base frame so the dock levellers could be installed in this structure. The docks were required to be suspended at a height in this structure so they would be level and meet up with the existing dock platform levels.

The steel bases were manufactured with adjustable legs that allowed the docks to be accurately positioned on site. The legs were then welded in their final position.

Scissor lifts - StandardEquinex data centre scissor lifts

An Equinex data centre dock recently received a Leda scissor lift. Leda was a sub contractor to John Holland Construction on this Sydney job. The scissor lift allows contractors and staff at the site to safely transit through the dock area no matter the vehicle they arrive in. The installation went smoothly and Leda is also about to install the fencing and gates at the site. Leda have worked closely with John Holland on many projects across Austr
alia including the recent Sydney Opera House VAPS project.

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