Mobile Solar Power Boom Gates

  October 9th, 2014 | Industrial gates news
Mobile Solar Power Boom Gates

In the move to driver-less (remote controlled) vehicles on mine sites around Australia continues to gain momentum. This has provided Leda engineers with another challenge “protecting staff and service vehicles” which need to cross the path of the remote controlled monsters.

BHP commissioned Leda to design and develop a “portable solar powered boom gate system” they could introduce at transit points for other vehicles. Luke Newick our WA manager who project managed advised: “The issues we faced with this design was the unit had to be both easily mobile and also user friendly when dropping into location and packing up.

Leda designed the unit on a 1500x1500mm galvanised skid. The skid had the following features:

  • Forklift access on all sides
  • Lifting Pins to ensure multiple methods of offloading and loading
  • Adjustable jacks to enable levelling on un-level ground
  • Integrated spirit level to ensure level
  • Compact design for transportation
  • Extendable and 180 degree panel directions to ensure optimum sun shine
  • IP56 rated enclosures.

We were required to make solar allowances for up to 300 operations per 24hour period to support all electronics on board. i.e Boom gate, Cardax access control, Safety Beam, LED & Piezo signals. MOBILE SOLAR POWER We provided this with dual 32 Watt American technology solar panels and German quality 6v 330ah battery banks.

Once these boom gates are set up on a remote or temporary site only a person with authorised access and valid site induction can pass through the entry & exit points. At the same time providing a full audit trail of the personnel in this area. This application would be ideal for a mine site application with a continually rolling pit access or construction access point, temporary construction site access, waste management site, or as a temporary security measure when a fixed boom gate of perimeter gate is out of order.

Utilising the solar and the wireless network access control system there is no requirement for extensive 240v or communication trench infrastructure. Another benefit on the product is a electrician or technician does not have to mobilise to site, complete extensive inductions, accommodation, medical of safety requirements as the unit is completely mobile and can be sent back to our Malaga, WA warehouse for prompt repairs, maintenance or complete over haul of the unit and shipped straight back to site with a minimal freight charge”.

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