Multiple turnstiles installed

  October 7th, 2015 | Turnstile news
Turnstiles in Shipping Containers

Turnstiles in Shipping ContainersSemi-permanent turnstiles

Leda’s Victorian office partnered with “Security and Technology’s” SA office to win a contract to supply pedestrian access control for the entry and exit points at a very important manufacturing facility in Adelaide.

Using 10 & 20 foot shipping containers Leda’s Tuggerah plant extensively modified them and fitted them out with full height turnstiles. The containers were reinforced once the access points had been cut in. Lighting was added to allow the turnstiles to be used to provide 24/7 access that the site requires.
In this application the containers provide both the security the site requires as well as weather protection for those entering and exiting. They will be used as a semi permanent installation with the intention of relocating them at a later date.

Solar powered turnstilesSolar powered turnstiles

Leda’s WA have recently completed a construction site turnstile entry point for a Western Australian refinery in Kwinana.

Due to the proximity of the entry point and the amount of trenching for both power and comms, Leda had a number of challenges to design a solution that was in the allocated budget.

The product Leda designed was a independent off grid solar powered power bank and wireless mesh communications access system over 1.5km from the site office.

The system is completely independent of 240v & communication infrastructure and will provide site audit control for up to 300 construction workers.
The solar battery system is rated up to 500 operations per day and 1500 operations autonomy (No sun or charge).

Complete with ID printer and computer software, once the worker had completed the site induction requirements, their photo was taken and printed to the back of the access card, enabling access to the turnstile.

The customer on this occasion had a slim budget and Leda provide this complete solution, supplied, installed, commissioned and staff training, meeting client’s budget. Leda can adapt this technology to all access control devices, such as gates, boom gates and retractable bollards.

Leda Turnstile in Afghanistan

Turnstiles at UN headquarters in Afghanistan. Often we simply sell a product, without knowing where it is destined to be required, which is why we recently surprised to receive a request for spare parts for one of our full height turnstiles located in Afghanistan. It turned out that this turnstile we sold over 5 years ago was installed and is operational at the UN Headquarters in Kabul.

Turnstiles @ NSW Origin EnergyStaff pedestrian turnstile at Origin Energy

LEDA Security teamed with T&C Services as part of the Origin Energy Kangaroo Valley pumping/power generation station upgrade to provide a 6m cantilever gate and staff pedestrian turnstile.

The customer required another level of security to stop unauthorised entry into the rear of their property. LEDA provided 2 x dual height card readers so that only authorised Origin Energy personnel with the appropriate access card may enter and exit this part of the facility.

Turnstiles @ Toowoomba AirportFull height turnstiles at Toowoomba Airport

Australia’s newest commercial airport “The Wellcamp Toowoomba Airport” has installed Leda full height TFB1120 turnstiles to limit pedestrian access to restricted areas of the airport.

The TFB1120 Turnstile is supplied in a knockdown kit form making it easier and more economical to freight.


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