Panel lift door for Sydney strata

  May 7th, 2011 | Docks & doors news
Panel lift door for Sydney strata

Leda recently installed an automated panel lift door, pedestrian entry gates and fencing for No 1 Rosebank Ave Darlinghurst. The panel lift door was replacing a 10 year old roller shutter that was considered at the end of its operational life in addition to be being slow and noisy.

The new panel lift door is by comparison “extremely quiet” according to Mr Andrew Wheeler, part of the properties strata commitee.  As part of the door upgrade, the access control system was changed to a GSM modem so tenants and owners mobiles just need to call he gates mobile number for access. It has the added benefit of allowing owners to let people in, even if they are away from the property at the time as well as being able to lock people out after they leave the property.

The authorized mobile numbers are managed by the committee so ongoing costs are minimal and there is no cost of calling the door for any user.  Leda in addition to the sound qualities of the door panels treated them with an anti graffiti paint. Vandalism can be an issue in the area and this pretreatment will provide a long life.  Leda are a supplier and installer of panel lift and glazed doors and more information is available here Industrial panel lift doors

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