Leda launches new panel lift doors

  October 23rd, 2015 | Docks & doors news
Panel lift doors

Leda Security are introducing two new smart door systems. The Cube and Sprint are based on the Leda S40 family of panel lift doors. Both the CUBE and SPRINT are ideal for car showroom and service centres allowing for an aesthetically pleasing door with practical real world benefits.

Leda CUBE Panel lift doors

Security doors

Standard panel lift door systems have the problem of encroaching on space inside the building. The CUBE overcomes this problem by stacking each panel on top of each other when in the open position to minimise the space required. The end position of the door panels is internal and above the door opening giving you full height doorway access.

The CUBE is driven by the Leda Proline range of industrial quality motors, PE protection beams, transmitter/receiver control and interlocked security bolts can be added.

Security doorsA full range of standard RAL colours are available with special finished available on request, infills can be glazed (Protec), ALU-mesh or solid. The new Protec glazing was designed to eliminate the dangers posed by glass, Protec approaches the characteristics and surface properties of real glass giving you a self-cleaning and scratch proof surface with the benefices associated with plastic.

The light weight means Leda CUBE doors come double glazed for energy and sound reductions.

Leda SPRINT Panel lift doors

Panel lift doorsThe Leda SPRINT is a rapid-rise and roller door rolled into one unit, the opening speed of the sprint is up to 5 times the speed of a standard electrically operated overhead door. To achieve these speeds the design of the sprint has been improved to ensure reliable and consistent operation.

The panel section heights are 370mm ensuring the Sprint negotiates the guide bend with little resistance. A Frequency Controlled Motor allows opening speeds of up to 1000mm/sec, while ensuring smooth stopping.

The Sprint comes as standard with a electric light curtain across the opening for safety. Operation can be remote control, induction loops, passive radar or push button. The S40 panel is available with Protec Glazed windows, ALUmesh ventilated windows or as a solid 40mm Insulated Cold Storage panel.

Panel lift doorsApplications which require rapid rise door solutions and the security needs of an external door have been satisfied in the one unit with the Sprint, double glazing for energy savings and the benefits of Protec Glazing add a good looking door solutions for architects.

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