PAS68 Shallow Mount Bollards

  December 14th, 2022 | General
PAS68 Shallow Mount Bollards

LEDA has been at the forefront of designing, manufacturing and installing crash rated bollards for more than 20 years protecting Australian people and its assets. LEDA’s CSG10840 and 10850 are the first Australian manufactured PAS68 rated shallow mount bollards that requires a foundation depth of only 200mm. ~Australian Made PAS68 Shallow Mount Bollards.

The growing demand to install bollards in CBD locations often means encountering sub-pavement services which may need to be moved or relocated to accommodate conventional concrete footings. In many instances it may be impossible to obtain the required footing depth or to maintain the impact rating needed. This situation has driven LEDA to manufacture its own PAS rated shallow mount bollards providing cost and lead time savings to clients as well as supporting Australian manufacturing.

Ideal for a permanent fixing where you would need to protect entrances and perimeters for retail sites, train stations, stadiums, financial service industries, commercial property and anywhere you may want to create a ‘ring of steel’ around a building to protect it from a vehicle attack.

Key features include:

– Minimal foundation depth required
– CSG 10840 shallow depth bollard achieved ZERO penetration during the PAS 68:2010 crash test.
– Unique articulated arm system allows the bollards to be installed on gradients, curved arrays and 90 degree angles achievable.
– Each bollard can be individually levelled.

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