Perth Stadium Bollards

  December 8th, 2017 | Bollard news
Perth stadium bollards

LEDA’s WA branch has just completed a major contract for a Multiplex Constructions, manufacturing and installing all the Vehicle Access control and HVM Bollards required at the new Perth stadium.

LEDA’s contract involved hundreds of our SSP80F fixed and retractable bollards. While many of the bollards were architectural all the roadway entrances required impact rated bollards.

The bollards selected to protect the stadium surrounds were our SMRB150GS semiautomatic retractable bollards. This model has internal gas strut power assist to raise them and will only need to be raised on days when the stadium is hosting events.

The bollards will normally be left in the lowered position and can be simply and quickly raised by the turn of a handle. All the various LEDA Bollards supplied to the site were in Stainless Steel.

Perth Stadium Bollards

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