Protecting Alfresco Areas

  October 8th, 2020 | General
Protecting Alfresco Areas

When we talk about protecting crowded places, alfresco dining and cafe areas around the country are undoubtedly in the list of locations to be protected – protecting alfresco areas. 

Leda being a leader in physical security & hostile vehicle mitigation has been at the forefront of securing council properties & alfresco spaces for many years, with aesthetically attractive bollards and street furniture protecting people and assets from accidents and vehicle attacks. We have installed a range of impact rated & engineered bollards, bollard bike hoops, logs, seating and street
furniture for a number of councils in Australia.

“Car crashes into cafe, before hitting taxi in Eastwood, Sydney’s north-west.”
Fatal crashes involving older drivers are on the rise and headlines like the above have become all too common in the news cycle. In February 2020 a woman died and nine others were injured after an elderly driver accidentally drove into a cafe in Sydney’s north-west.

Crash tested bollards are the gold standard of impact protection as they provide certainty of performance. Our PAS170 crash tested bollards can stop a 2.5t vehicle at 16 or 32Km/hr & is an ideal solution in areas where pedestrians & vehicles are in close proximity. Crash tested as a single bollard it can be dressed with an aesthetically attractive sleeve making it part of street landscape & framework. Also, Leda has a range of engineered rated shallow mount bollards for alfresco spaces, if foundation depth becomes a constraint.

As part of ARA Group, Leda Security Products has got the added capability to offer cameras, CCTV and other electronic security systems thereby safeguarding open dining and cafe areas from thefts and vandalism.

We believe we’re the right partner and can deliver you with
LOCAL MANUFACTURING – Reducing lead times and lowering costs
DESIGN EXPERTISE – Avoiding non-compliance and providing options for improved security
PROVEN PERFORMANCE – A history of delivering perimeter security solution for over 25 years

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