Protecting Fast Food Chains & Restaurants

  December 4th, 2019 | General

Protecting Fast Food Chains & Restaurants

In today’s world it has become necessary to protect crowded places or locations where large number of people congregate or gather. High on this list are fast food chains, busy restaurants, cafes and alfresco dining areas where people meet for food, coffee and drinks on a day to day basis. Leda has a range of engineered rated bollards for protecting fast food chains and restaurants.

Leda recently installed bollards for this Oporto Birtinya outlet in Queensland. Our IBR150FC bollards were installed around the perimeter of the premises and are capable of stopping a 2.5tonne vehicle at 30Km/hr thereby meeting the project rating requirements. The bollards were finished in black with yellow reflective tape to match with building’s background colour.

Our QLD team did another project at Burleigh where a number of busy restaurants and cafes are located. Leda’s IBR150FC with stainless steel sleeves and concrete spherical colossus bollards were installed protecting customers, restaurant staff and pedestrians from any intentional or accidental attacks.

LEDA is the only company to warrant engineered impact ratings on range of stainless and mild steel bollards. For more information, product details and ratings contact your nearest Leda sales office who will be able to assist you in choosing the suitable product.

Protecting Fast Food Chains & Restaurants

-Protecting fast food chains and restaurants-

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