Protection of Public Spaces

  August 22nd, 2017 | Bollard news, General
Street Furniture Products

As the world reacts to the growing threat of motor vehicles being used in terrorist attacks Local and State Governments are currently tasked with how best to protect people in public spaces.

In the past the logical solution was to install crash rated specialised products (such as Bollards and Road blockers). These solutions take time to plan and install, are normally very expensive and often result in a fortress style atmosphere. A new alternative is currently being suggested from Security Agencies in the UK is to take a more simple approach by “Stopping Vehicles Gaining Entry“. This can be achieved by retrofitting aesthetically attractive surface mounted Street Furniture Products into the areas to be protected.

Leda Security Products have been Australia’s leading supplier of Perimeter Security and Hostile Vehicle Mitigation products for over 20 years, recently released a new range of Street Furniture Security products the nucleus of which are a precast concrete Log and Cube. They are available in a number of attractive finishes, can also be fitted out as seating making them multi-functional.

Most importantly Leda’s designs incorporate a Unique Keying System that allows these products to be installed efficiently and inexpensively using core drilling installation methods Leda previously developed for Bollard installs. This allows areas to be deployed and secured quickly without major disruption to the site.

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