Retractable bollard system

  December 20th, 2016 | General
PAS68 Retractable bollards

Retractable bollard systems for QLD Parliament

Leda recently installed a fully automated retractable bollard system at the front gate of Queensland’s Parliament House.

The project was a challenging one as the cobblestone driveway and surrounding structures are heritage listed. Great care was taken to maintain the site and have it restored to as near to original condition as possible. Leda installation staff worked closely with Parliament Services and their selected stone masons to maintain the integrity of the site. The retractable bollard system was installed to allow the gates to be opened during daylight hours for pedestrian access while maintaining protection from the busy traffic of George and Alice Streets.

Retractable Bollard SystemElectro-mechanical Retractable Bollard System

Leda has recently introduced a new Electromechanical Retractable Bollard system that has achieved a performance rating of V/2500 (NIG)/64/90:5.0. This involved an impact testing of a 2500kg vehicle at 64km/hr.

The bollard has a raise or lower time of 10 seconds and are available in either powder coated steel or electro polished stainless steel. Being electrically powered rather than hydraulic or pneumatic it only requires a small wall mounted control cabinet.

The test was conducted by MIRA in the United Kingdom.

Perth Airport – T1

Recently completed installation of 65 High security Leda (Regal) Bollards at the T1 Forecourt Plaza at the International Terminal of Perth airport. Once again Leda’s SSP150FC Stainless steel bollards were installed along the boundary of the new Terminal to provide separation between Vehicles and pedestrians. Over the past 7 years our Western Australian office has installed literally hundreds of these attractive Bollards at all of the airports’ four terminals.

Regal Protection

Leda’s Sydney based installers recently installed 15 Regal (SSR125BA) Bollards to protect the office forecourt at this Auburn office building. The bollards were installed on pavers and needed lengthy fixings to secure the base plated bollards into the concrete slab below the pavers. Stainless steel threaded bars were used which were epoxied into the concrete foundation.

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