Securapost Titan Bollards

  January 21st, 2014 | Bollard news

Modern parks and streetscapes require utilities such as power, communications and water. Aesthetically there is also the requirement for open spaces, unencumbered by such utilities wherever possible in urban landscapes.

One solution to many landscape architect and architectural issues with this conflict, is to consider retractable and flip-up utility access points. The Securapost Titan Bollard range is a perfect complement for modern streetscapes in this regard. The Titan power bollard range comes in a variety of types. The easiest units are the flip-up units which sit flush in the ground THB series. These are limited in size so if a larger number of power points for example are required then the retractable bollard series within the Titan range would be best TV series.

The basic unit comes without power points and purchasers of the equipment can either have Leda fit the bollard with the electrical equipment required or alternatively they can nominate from the clipsal range of electrical gear which they need. In rare instances the purchaser of the equipment can also fit their own electrical gear if required. Being underground the electrical fittings need to be waterproof or water rated in case of flooding. A water kit is also able to be fitted so that hose fittings or other similar water access points can be provided. It is not uncommon for many parks and gardens to require both types within the Titan bollard.

The type of locations which require these bollards include parks and gardens or streets where there is a regular market or other community event. It could be as simple as having power amongst a large football field area through to street markets in the center of a city where the bollards need to be tucked away during the week and can be provided at cost to market stall holders on the weekend. The range of choices is quite extensive and you should contact your local Leda office for more information and details on these exciting bollards.

Further product information is also in our Titan Bollards section.

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