Shallow mount bollards hit Australia

  May 7th, 2011 | Turnstile news
Shallow mount bollards hit Australia

ATG Access is a UK company and widely regarded as at the forefront of impact rated, shallow mount bollard systems. The system has been tested to the UK PAS68 standard so is specifically for hostile vehicle mitigation for Government and major infrastructure protection such as airports and other important public spaces.

The shallow mount system can be installed in less than 200mm of ground which avoids the costly and sometimes difficult task of dealing with other public utilities such as electricity, telecommunications, water and gas often located with large buildings in built up area’s. The same places you need this type of protection. The snap together system is more akin to a mecanno set and makes for shorter installation times which is an important factor for public spaces.

A unique sleeve system means the installation is complete with the galvanised bollard and an aesthetic painted or stainless sleeve attached at the end of the process to avoid damage. Matching impact tested retractable bollards are available for vehicle entry and exit points. For the first time also in Australia a removable bollard is also available through ATG Access.

Leda Security Products Pty Ltd is the certified distributor for ATG Access in Australia (Excluding WA where Image Bollards is ATG’s distributor). For more information on ATG’s extensive range you can visit their UK website or contact Leda’s sales staff and ask for our high security specialists.

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