Sliding Boom Gates

  January 2nd, 2017 | Industrial gates news
Sliding boom gates

Leda’s sliding boom gates were first designed and engineered more than a decade ago however it is still quite interesting to revisit this unique product.

When first designed the sliding boom gates were adopted and installed on the entrances for a number of National Parks around the country. The remote locations of many of these installations resulted in this Leda product being one of our first products to incorporate Solar powered drive motors and GSM technology which allowed them to be operated by mobile phone remotely.

The sliding boom can be manufactured to cater for up to 9 metre openings, programSliding boom gatesmed to open and close at specific times. Preventing vehicular penetration it still allows hikers, pedestrians and most importantly fauna to easily transit the barrier.

Just recently a Victorian Council required two of their sports fields to be closed off after hours. In this instance we manufactured and installed two 8 metre units. They are pre programmed to operate on a timer, however can be overridden with remote access using GSM operation. Note the flashing lights which were added for additional safety.

With other Leda Departments involved in securing many of Australia’s high profile sites it was not long until the sliding boom engineering saw it being used as a high security and anti-terrorist product helping secure icons such as the  Sydney Harbour Bridge pylons and entrances to the Federal Parliament in Canberra.

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