Solar Powered Boom Gates

  December 6th, 2016 | Industrial gates news
Solar Powered Boom Gates

Quarry Solar Powered Boom Gates

Running power to automated equipment such as boom gates can be extremely expensive on remote locations.

To overcome these situations Leda’s technicians designed and engineered solar powered alternatives several years ago for a range of our vehicular access control equipment.

The 6mt solar powered boom gates was installed at the Peppertree Quarry at South Marulan for Boral Concrete mines by our Sydney based installers and is entirely operated off a 150 watt solar panel.

Naranga Waste Recycling Centre Boom Gates

Leda QLD office recently installed 4 x boom gates at the new Moreton Bay Regional Council Waste Recycling Centre for Kingston Builders. This facility is being run under contract by Visy Recycling. The centre is used for the MBRC recycling trucks to unload their recycling after street collection. After that the recyclable materials are loaded into “Visy B Doubles” and transported to one of Visy’s recycling plants in Brisbane.

The entry to the facility is controlled by 2 x 6m boom gates operating in a master / slave configuration. Opening of the gates is controlled by the loaded operator to maintain safety with in the facility at all times.

The MBRC trucks when empty exit via 1 of 2 Leda 8m long boom gates ensuring they are not held up if a Visy truck is being loaded. The larger Visy B Doubles exit via a second 8m boom gate directly opposite the entry to allow for a minimum of maneuvering.

All boom gates have flags mounted on them to warn and stop pedestrians entering the facility.

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