Street Furniture Products

  August 15th, 2017 | General
Street Furniture Products

Leda’s existing Precast Concrete Log and Cube products can be used in various Street Furniture designs to prevent Vehicle Access Control.

Australia’s major cities are currently wrestling with how to improve security for pedestrians against Hostile Vehicle intrusion while not ruining the landscape and or the attractive nature of open areas and shopping precincts.

LEDA has responded to requests by a number of State and Local Government authorities for more aesthetically acceptable solutions. Using a unique keying pin the units can be easily attached to
existing pavements providing high impact resistance.

Includes a range of

Various seating design configurations


Bike stands

Download a copy of Street Furniture flyer to know more about various design configurations.

Available in: Grey off the form, Off white lightly sand blasted, bluestone finish

Grey off the form

Off white lightly sand blasted

Bluestone finish


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