The loading docks

  November 27th, 2013 | Docks & doors news
The Loading Docks

Leda Security Products Doors and Docks Division has one of Australia’s largest range of loading docks available. Included in the range are automated hydraulic units as well as a number of manual loading docks to suit any budget or operational requirements.

There are a number of accessories from rubber buffers through to traffic light systems and lighting products around loading docks to enhance safety which are also available.

The standard dock level of size for an automated unit is with a deck of two meters by two meters. The two-meter width is common for most trucks and therefore the dimension that mostly alters is the length of the loading dock. The longer the loading dock, the less the angle of the ramp the fork lift has to transit up or down to the truck.

The correct height for any loading dock is to be straight on and off, so if a vehicle truck height for a fleet is known then the loading dock finish height will be the same as the internal truck loading area height. This makes loading and unloading easier for hand pallets and forklifts alike.

Loading docks are available up to 4 ½ meters in length if not longer under special circumstances.

Also common are both fixed and mobile ramp structures which can also have an additional loading dock system mounted at the end to aid truck loading and unloading. These are great for yard loading.

The swinging lips at the end of the loading dock and the toe guards are reasonably common practice across the industry these days. One key point of difference is whether the loading dock has one cylinder or two hydraulic cylinders under the loading dock deck. The benefit of two cylinders is often touted that if you load up one side or another then having the two cylinders at the far extremes of the loading dock mean there is less likelihood of a rollover sideways.

The standard hydraulic loading docks which have one single cylinder under the center of the loading dock ramp are more than capable of handling the six-ton dynamic loads that are probably used on many dock ramps. Heavier weights up to 10 tons or even 12-ton dynamic loads are also possible. Single cylinder levellers such as Leda’s are also tested for rollover so the decision to have one or two cylinders is driven by customer preference.

Leda’s range of dock leveller products and accessories is extensive so contact our offices for more information.

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