Trackless Bifold Gates for Australia

  March 7th, 2010 | Industrial gates news
Trackless Bifold Gates for Australia

he Trackless Bifold Gate is now available in Australia. The design has been in Europe for many years where space saving requirements led to its development. The Australian engineered product from Leda has undergone many design stages to get to its current form which is now on par with overseas product.

Earlier versions required tracks to open and close the gate. The design is mechanical so Leda suggest that any normal swing gate operator can now operate a bifold which is an exciting development for vehicle access control in confined spaces. Previously, one of the major costs for bifold gates was the automation gear and overhead tracks which are no longer required. Leda has recently installed bifold gates for car park entries in Melbourne and most recently the Department of Health headquarters in Canberra.

The greatest benefit to this type of gate being its unparalleled speed. Leda report 6 metre openings can be opened and closed in as little as 2-3 seconds which is faster then most boom gates. Leda’s capability continues to rise with its recent appointment by Crawford Doors to distribute its products in Australia.

The company reports that it now can install a full range of loading dock products in addition to its vehicle access control. Products include dock doors, dock shelters, dock levellers, High speed doors and Megadoors.

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