Welcome News for Australian Cyclists

  December 3rd, 2012 | Bicycle parking news
Welcome News for Australian Cyclists

Across the country there is also an emerging awareness that corporations and government utilities have a responsibility as well.

  • Fitness – Cycling is a healthy form of exercise.
    Traffic – helps reduce traffic congestion

While various levels of Government have provided the infrastructure in installing cycleways and corridors to assist cyclists in reaching their destination safely, the biggest deterrent that still exists for cyclists riding to work is the lack of “Secure parking” for their bicycles and/or “End of journey Facilities” (change rooms, showers, clothes lockers) when riders get to their destination.

Leda has spent the last two years consulting with Cycle groups, state and local Governments and other interested parties across Australia to determine changing industry needs and to design and develop a range of suitable end of journey products to address these problems.

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