QLD bike parking facility

  November 10th, 2016 | Bicycle parking news
bike parking facility

600 bike parking facility

One of the largest bike parking facilities in Australia was recently completed in Brisbane by Leda’s Queensland staff.

The project involved the manufacture and installation of bicycle parking for 600 cyclists. The projects builder was Grocon and the site was at 480 Queen Street Brisbane. The end of journey facility provides parking for 500 dedicated bike parking spaces for tenants and a further 100 for visiting cyclists.

Leda’s CBR2GS dual height racks were chosen by the architect and developer as the most efficient system to cater for such a large number of bicycles. The CBR2GS incorporates a “power assist lift” for the top tier racks by means of an in-built gas strut making it relatively easy for cyclists to store their bikes at top level.

Fortunately the CBR2GS is supplied in kit form as access to the location in which they were installed was difficult resulting in Leda install staff having to hand unload and transport 4500 individual components 150 metres from the loading dock to the end of journey facility location.

Port Melbourne Bike Parking Facility

Leda Melbourne team have just installed a BS04 bike shelter into a new industrial development in Port Melbourne.

This is one of Leda’s newest designs and the interest from architects and consultants has been overwhelming. This bike parking facility is also available as a double sided unit.

There a number of different styles of bike racks that can be utilised under the shelter, however the best choice for space / versus cost is the compact CBR4SC (pictured) which continues to be Leda’s best selling bike rack.

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