Smokers Bollards

  November 5th, 2016 | Bollard news
Smokers Bollards

Smokers BollardsLeda’s bollards are renowned for their ability to stop hostile vehicles. However, our bollards have recently been (involuntarily) deployed as part of a creative initiative to highlight recent changes to the City of Sydney’s efforts to impose a permanent smoking ban on Pitt Street Mall, in the Sydney CBD.

It is great to see our smokers bollards being part of a health promotional message on such a high profile site. The second hand smoke and associated health risk is definitely a key concern to everyone, including our service teams. Great Initiative!

Sloping Sites

Bollards sloping siteThe challenge of installing bollards on sloping sites cannot be over exaggerated particularly when they are required to be installed into existing pavements.

In this instance our installation team had to remove the granite paving in order to undertake the required civil works and then replace the paving around the bollards. The external bollard sleeves are actually stainless steel which were treated with a bronze axolotl finish to complement existing metal balustrading.

Potts Hill

Leda Security partnered with Urban Growth NSW and Standby Property Maintenance to deliver a solution to provide protection against unlawful entry into Purvis St Reserve Potts Hill.

The solution consisted of 8 fixed and 4 removable stainless steel bollards across two separate driveways. The bollards were finished off with stainless steel dress rings to give an architectural pleasing finish.

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