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  November 1st, 2016 | Bicycle parking news, General
Securabike International

Updates from our Securabike International Offices & distributors.


Bike corrals are increasingly becoming popular as an effective method of providing street parking for bicycles and no more so than in Ottawa Canada. This particular corral featured our popular “Cadillac” rack (right) with the ends secured with our BR1600B rails. The steel bike outline of the BR1600B’s sends a clear message about what the corral is designed for while also providing physical protection.


Pictured (left) is one of the many Leda bike repair stations that the have been installed throughout Singapore by Shimano as part of a joint project between Singapores National Parks and Land Transport Authorities.

Our “bike repair stations” are located at MRT bike facilities and on the growing netSecurabike Internationalwork of bicycle paths that the government is building to encourage greater cycling.


Edwin Soza our Securabike distributor in Chile recently forwarded details of a bike parking facility for 100 cyclists that they have completed in Copiapo (right) that included our BR2101 vertical bike racks. Well done to Edwin and his team.


Securabike InternationalLori Arvidson of Duo-Gard (our American distributor) emailed us a picture (left) of a recently completed bike cage in Chicago which incorporates the Securabike CBR8M dual height bike racks.

The facility caters for thirty two cyclists in an area that would normally cater for only two cars. By all reports the client is extremely happy and Duo-Gard are hoping to receive further orders.

Lori advised she is currently working on numerous bike parking projects the largest of which will cater for 1000 conventional bikes and up to 100 cargo bikes.




Securabike HandbookSecurabike Handbook

We recently advised that our Securabike handbook had been updated and was available digitally for download. We can now advise that the printed hardcopy is now available. If you would like to receive a copy of this comprehensive and valuable guide to “bicycle parking” and “end of journey facilities” please email and we will post one to you.

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