Modular track gates

  October 28th, 2016 | Industrial gates news
Modular track gates

New designs: modular track gates

Leda’s engineering department team are continually endeavoring to design or make improvements to existing product designs.

In this instance we are trialing new lighter weight profiles for the three steel sections that make up our 6mt modular track gate.

The 2.2mt long modular sections allow the gate to be packed and shipped on a double length pallet which dramatically reduces the freight and costs to our clients.

DHL vehicular access and security

Leda’s Sydney branch were engaged by DHL to provide a solution to upgrade the vehicular access and security on their Homebush warehouse. Leda’s main challenge was to replace their manual chain wire gates to a more secure and user friendly automated system.

There are four vehicular access points to the warehouse and for safety and security issues (to prevent unauthorised pedestrian and vehicular access) it was necessary to secure each entry point.

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