Docks and doors update

  May 12th, 2016 | Docks & doors news
Docks and doors update

Dock Seals

Leda recently installed 3 inflatable rubber “dock seals” for Australian Fresh Salads in Maffra (SE VictoDocks and doors updateria). The seals when inflated expand to minimise the gap between the truck and building are so important for refrigerated buildings commonly found in the food industry.

Of importance is the 3 year UV warranty on the rubber. Being subject to weather and sun constantly, a number of Australian businesses have learned over the years not to compromise on the rubber quality as the units can need to be replaced at regular intervals if the UV resistance is not sufficient.

Goods Lift

Docks and doors updateShape Australia contracted Leda to design and manufacture an external goods lift with a 1000kg capacity for ACT Health at Canberra Hospital.

Docks and doors updateWhile only requiring a small height lift it still required safety rails and shields to ensure maximum safety. Leda’s engineers also designed a safety interlock system. Once again Leda were able to assist in custom designing a solution where standard product was simply not an option.


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