Encouraging Australians to Cycle to Work

  May 7th, 2012 | Bicycle parking news
Encouraging Australians to Cycle to Work

Organisations and businesses can also benefit by installing functional bicycle parking for their employees. Staff and employees that regularly cycle to work will normally be fitter and healthier than those who drive.

A healthier employee normally means:

  • They may be more productive at work
  • May be less absent from work less often with health issues than their counterparts that drive to work

As an employer there are also potential added benefits from encouraging our workforce to cycle to work:

  • Frees up space used for car parking (parking for 10 cyclists on every car space)
  • Allows expansion on existing sites
  • Cut staff turnover and consequential recruitment / training costs
  • Facilities are beneficial to all employees, including joggers or anyone carrying out physical exercise.
  • Improves your corporate image

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