End of Journey Bike Compound

  May 7th, 2012 | Bicycle parking news
End of Journey Bike Compound

The North Melbourne site incorporating the Victorian Public Records Office and the State Archives Centre found that they had a increasing number of staff wanting to cycle to work. Their brief to Leda was a fully enclosed bike cage, with colorbond skillion roof, with guttering and down pipe.


Each cyclist would have the opportunity to lock up their own bike but the cage would be secured with a Proximity card system linked to the buildings' Access Control system. 


By utilising the  Securabike "Compact" bike racks, Leda  were able to cater for 40 bicycles, exceeding the original estimate of. The cage meets all the requirements of the Australia Standards AS2890.3


The site Facilities Manager Tony Collins was extremely pleased with the total result, including the attractive appearance of the installation. The cost savings we were able to offer were a welcome additional bonus.


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