Adelaide Oval – Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

  October 18th, 2018 | High security news
Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

In today’s world it has become unfortunately necessary to design and implement physical security protection against possible terrorist or vehicle attacks wherever large number of people congregate or gather. High on this priority are stadiums and other sporting facilities which are likely to draw large crowds. While this is a worldwide problem the South Australian Government has taken a lead in Australia by initiating and protecting Adelaide’s premier and famous sporting facility The Adelaide Oval – Hostile Vehicle Mitigation.

The major threat is from Vehicles as a Weapon (VAAW) so the first step is to prevent vehicles being able to gain entry. This can be achieved by the installation of physical barriers and landscaping.

In many instances roadway closures may only be required on days when there are events scheduled and this can be managed by installing crash rated retractable bollards.

LEDA’s experienced high security staff were involved with the project from the onset. Working with the SA Government, architects and consultants LEDA played a key role in the appropriate product selection to protect the site. The perimeter of the oval is now protected with a combination of PAS certified fixed (static) and retractable hostile vehicle mitigation bollards.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

In this vehicle access point four SPTT telescopic bollards are being positioned prior to concreting in. These shallow retractable bollards only require a footing depth of 900mm alleviating the need to re-position other existing services.

Hostile Vehicle MitigationA set of 7 x SP400 automatic retractable bollards installed across one of the main vehicle access points to the Oval.

LEDA has a range of hostile vehicle mitigation products (Bollards, Gates, Temporary Barriers and Street Furniture) with different energy ratings that can be installed in any vulnerable areas or target rich crowded locations. For more information and technical details on HVM products please contact your nearest LEDA sales office.

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