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Protecting Leading Stadiums

  November 5th, 2019 |  High security news

LEDA has been at the forefront of installing and protecting leading stadiums across Australia against hostile vehicle attacks. In our previous perimeter issues we featured stories of bollards securing stadiums READ MORE »

Light Rail Projects

Light Rail Projects

  September 16th, 2019 |  High security news

There seems to be a wave of the light rail projects at a number of Australian cities as trams reemerge as a major means of public transport. You might recall READ MORE »

Leda Security Products

Bankwest Stadium

  September 10th, 2019 |  High security news

Sydney’s newest Bankwest Stadium was officially opened in April of this year and is being hailed as a success. The 30,000-seat stadium is located at Parramatta and in its first READ MORE »

Crash Rated Miti-Gate

Crash Rated Miti-Gate

  March 21st, 2019 |  High security news

LEDA partnered with SADB in Adelaide to complete this $5m plus Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) upgrade for Adelaide Oval. The perimeter of the oval is now protected with a combination READ MORE »

Adelaide Airport Hotel

Adelaide Airport Hotel

  February 8th, 2019 |  High security news

It is several years since we first installed the PAS certified bollards at what was the new Adelaide airport domestic terminal. Now again in 2018 we are back at the Adelaide airport hotel installing a combination of READ MORE »

Surface Guard

Surface Guard Trial

  November 28th, 2018 |  High security news

The Surface Guard system has been designed to provide temporary security for events, festivals, urban squares and VIP visits. Successfully Crash Tested Product 2.5 tonne vehicle @ 48Kmph {IWA 14: V/2,500(NIG)/48/90:4.5} 7.2 READ MORE »

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Adelaide Oval – Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

  October 18th, 2018 |  High security news

In today’s world it has become unfortunately necessary to design and implement physical security protection against possible terrorist or vehicle attacks wherever large number of people congregate or gather. High on this priority are stadiums READ MORE »

Impact Rated Street Furniture

Impact Rated Street Furniture

  August 2nd, 2018 |  High security news

As state and local governments across Australia wrestle with the best methods of protecting civilians and pedestrians in our public places LEDA has been instrumental in finding alternatives and options other READ MORE »

Leda Security Products

Disguising Security Bollards

  May 30th, 2018 |  High security news

LEDA has a comprehensive range of Street Furniture products that can be installed to prevent vehicular access and protect pedestrians. When there is no option than to install Certified HVM Bollards we have also READ MORE »

Guardian Road Blocker

Guardian Road Blocker

  December 6th, 2017 |  High security news

Installing Road blockers even on a level site requires significant planning by our Project Managers. The task is made much more difficult on a ramp as was the case for our NSW team READ MORE »

Security gates @ Pinnacle

Security gates installed

  October 14th, 2015 |  High security news

Recently Leda’s team  have won a tender to design and manufacture security gates in Myanmar, installed cantilever security gates at Pinnacle Foods and Kuring-gai Council, replace the gates at the READ MORE »

High security installation

  July 15th, 2015 |  Bollard newsHigh security news

Leda’s Queensland Branch recently completed a high security installation of security gates, bollards and boom gates for a high security project on the Gold Coast. The front of the office READ MORE »

Shallow mount road blockers

Shallow mount road blockers

  May 28th, 2015 |  High security news

Installing high ‘physical security’ products into existing high profile sites in Australia has involved Leda’s engineers developing a number of shallow mount footing options for our high security products. In READ MORE »

Holisitc Security Solutions

Holisitc Security Solutions

  December 2nd, 2013 |  High security news

Security integrators and consultants are increasingly looking to Leda to provide holistic solutions for their clients and high profile projects. With a comprehensive range of vehicle mitigation and physical security READ MORE »

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