Protecting Spaces in Airport

  June 1st, 2020 | High security news
Protecting Spaces in Airport

Airports are one among the busiest places in the country that require utmost security and perimeter protection. LEDA being a leader in physical security and hostile vehicle mitigation has been at the forefront of protecting pickup and drop off areas, car parking bays and safeguarding commuters’ bicycles in airport bike rooms against theft and vandalism – protecting spaces in Airport.

We have installed a range of impact rated bollards, crash tested gates, road blockers, vehicular access control products and bike racks for a number of domestic and international airports in Australia. Our PAS170 crash tested bollards are an ideal solution for open car parking areas and access roads that can stop a 2.5t vehicle at 16 or 32 Km/hr.

LEDA being part of ARA group has also got the added capability to offer various access control systems and products for End-of-Trip facilities within airport premises.

Very recently our SA team installed HVM bollards at Adelaide Airport taxi drop off area protecting people and staff from any out of control or accidental vehicle attacks.

Download a copy of ‘Protecting Spaces in Airport’ flyer by clicking the link available in this page.

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