Surface Guard Trial

  November 28th, 2018 | High security news
Surface Guard

The Surface Guard system has been designed to provide temporary security for events, festivals, urban squares and VIP visits.

Successfully Crash Tested Product
2.5 tonne vehicle @ 48Kmph {IWA 14: V/2,500(NIG)/48/90:4.5}
7.2 tonne vehicle @ 32Kmph {IWA 14: V/7,200(N3C)/32/90:4.8}

Several months ago LEDA conducted a demonstration of our temporary security Surface Guard for Brisbane city council. The rapidly deployable system was trialled at BCC’s north side works
depot. In addition to BCC staff, representatives from two Brisbane Universities and Queensland Police attended the demonstration. By all accounts all that attended were impressed with the ease and speed with which the Surface Guard barriers were deployed.

Anchoring methods:

  • Utilising existing street furniture elements
  • Drain gully attachments
  • Energy absorbing straps – These straps can be tied to any existing streetscape elements like lamp posts. It absorbs most of the energy during impact.


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