Manly council bike parking

  August 10th, 2011 | Bicycle parking news
Manly council bike parking

Manly council has a major transport hub at Manly wharf where commuters can get the Ferry to the Sydney CBD. Each morning hundreds of bikes converge on the area and need to be parked. Additionally, as many councils can sympathise with, vandalism can be an issue as the old bike rails at the site were extensively damaged.

In October 2011, Leda supplied and installed the Vandel resistant compact bike rack which is a fully welded and hot dipped galvanized bike rack. Not only is it highly resistant to vandals but also assists in parking bikes at 300mm centres by staggering the height of the front wheels so the handle bars of bikes do not clash when parked. The benefit is that more cyclists can park closer to the wharf and the site in general is aesthetically better in having bikes parked in orderly rows as opposed to being chained up to any nearby post or street light.

Leda Security Products specialises in large bike parking area’s with product to suit cyclists usage and the infrastructure owners budget and expected equipment life. Leda’s website has its range of bike rails, racks, cages and lockers.

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